• me: I'm so cute
  • me 15 mins later: I hate myself

I really wish I could post all my best nude pictures on tumblr but I know there are a few people that would see them that have done nothing to deserve them.

Like, there’s so much hot and there’s nowhere for me to put it.

Today was a motherfucker and it won’t be over until about 9am EST.

My relationship with my dog frustrates me. I hold him tightly and he squirms away. I feel resentment quickly. If he enjoyed me holding him, he wouldn’t squirm away. I want to hold him the way I want to hold him and he doesn’t want to be held. It’s rejection in it’s simplest form. I pay no respects to if he is uncomfortable. I just resent.
What would things be, without my obsession of the lacking?

This isn’t happening.
And this is happening.
Both can be true.
I’m exhausted of holding myself accountable.